Packaging Bag Type

Our Products for Packaging Bag :

  • Pillow bag: Also known as T-Seal Pouch or Back Seal Pouch, pillow bags are considered the most economical packaging bag. Pillow bags are generally made with low-density polyethylene, filter paper, resistance paper, and recyclable films and are ideal for packaging liquids, powders, pasty materials, gels, granules, etc. We host a wide array of sizes in pillow bags that you can order in bulk.
  • Pillow with hole pouch: Widely regarded as doypacks, pillows with hole pouches are known for convenience. Due to the hole, it becomes easy to dispense the product, minimizing the waste and mess. These packaging bags are best for packing liquid items and semi-liquid products like baby foods and wet pet foods.
  • Pillow with euro slot: You already know the convenience and efficiency of pillow packaging bags. We offer pillow packaging bags with euro slots. Because of the euro slots, these packages can easily be hung through hooks in malls and retail stores, enhancing product visibility.
  • Stick bag: A stick bag for packaging is cost-effective, easy to carry, looks great, and captures buyers’ attention instantly. Our stick packaging bags are biodegradable, compact, highly portable, and perfect for packing items like instant energy drinks, coffee, tea, nutritional supplements, and even cosmetics. We also provide custom-sized stick bags for ease of measurement.
  • Continuous bag: A continuous packaging bag is the most versatile form of bag that can be used in packaging anything from snacks and candies to industrial and pharmaceutical products. Our continuous bags are made with high-quality, decomposable raw materials, protecting the products excellently from the exterior environment and keeping them fresh.
  • 3 Sides sealed: Besides being economical, our 3 sides-sealed bags come with a user-friendly design and volume, allowing the packers to fill in the items and seal the bags hassle-free. Users can easily tear it up with a single notch, making it a perfect choice for packing coffee, tea, chips, and pet snacks.
  • 4 sides sealed: 4 sides Sealed bags for packaging share a lot of similarities with the 3 sides sealed ones, like cost-effectiveness, easy tearing with a single notch, ease of packaging, etc. Our 4 sides sealed bags are highly durable and ensure complete protection against leakage. These bags are best for packing items like flour, pills, granular sugar, etc.
  • Gusseted: Gusseted bags are particularly a favorite of consumers as weight is uniformly allocated in the bag, making it easy to carry. Also, gusseted packaging bags come with large volumes that can hold more products. Due to their flat ends, gusseted bags can stand erect, which again catches the attention of the buyers.
  • Triangle Bag: Because of their unique appearance, triangle bags stand out in a store. Also, the three flat sides of the packaging bag leave ample space for businesses to endorse their brand and product. Our triangle packaging bag ranges are made with high-quality and robust raw materials that sustain the freshness and aroma of the product, making them perfect for packaging tea and coffee.
  • Stand-up Pouch: Similar to triangle bags, stand-up pouch bags are also great for branding! Relying on your customized requirements, we can customize the size and volume of the stand-up pouch packaging bags. Moreover, when empty, these packaging bags take up much less space, making them easy to transport and store.