gusset pillow bags vertical packing machine

Gusset Pillow Bags Vertical Packing Machine


It is suitable for packing grain, stick, slice, globose, irregular shape products such as puffy food, snacks, candy, chocolate, nuts, pistachio, pasta, coffee bean, sugar, chips, cereals, pet food, fruits, roasted seeds, frozen food, small hardware, etc



  1. Adopting PLC from Japan or Germany to make machine run stable. Touch screen from Tai Wan to make operation easy.
    2. Sophisticated design on electronic and pneumatic control system makes the machine with high level of precision, reliability and stability.
    3. Double-belt pulling with servo of high precise positioning makes film transporting system stable, servo motor from Siemens or Panasonic.
    4. Perfect alarm system to make problem solved quickly.
    5. Adopting intellectual temperature controller,the temperature is controlled to ensure neat sealing.
    6. Machine can make pillow bag and standing bag (gusseted bag) according to customer’s requirements. Machine also can make bag with punching hole & linked bag from 5-12bags and so on.
    7. Working with weighing or filling machines such as multihead weigher, volumetric cup filler, auger filler or feeding conveyor, process of weighing, bag making, filling, date printing, charging (exhausting), sealing, counting and delivering finished product can be completed automatically.


Technical Specifications

Model ZVF-V420
Packing speed 15-70 Bags / Min
Bag size(mm) (W) 60-200 (L)60-300
Bag making mode Pillow bag, standing bag (gusseted),punch, Linked bag
Range of measuring (g) 1500
Maximum width of packing film (mm) 420
Thickness of film (mm) 0.04-0.10
Air consumption 0.4m3/min 0.8MPa
Packing Material laminated film such as POPP/CPP,POPP/ VMCPP, BOPP/PE, PET/AL/PE , NY/PE, PET/ PET
Power Parameter 220V 50/60Hz 2.2KW
Package Volume (mm) 1550(L)*1150(W)*1750(H)
Gross Weight (kg) 450


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