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  • heating elements — sealer sales, inc.

    Heating Elements — Sealer Sales, Inc.

    Flat and round heating elements are available for all of our sealers. We also carry element by the foot in various seal widths (2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, or round). Round elements are usually used in cut and seal applications.

  • industrial heat sealers, compare models - vacuum sealers

    Industrial Heat Sealers, Compare Models - Vacuum Sealers

    Stock & Custom Heat Sealers IMPAK offers an extensive line of sealing equipment including continuous band sealers, chamber vacuum sealers, portable hand held sealers, vacuum sealers with optional nitrogen-flush, large frame circular sealers, tube sealers, cup sealers, and more below.

  • heat sealers for food and product packaging | cima-pak

    Heat Sealers for Food and Product Packaging | CiMa-Pak

    The Poly Motor Jaw Sealer is a versatile, motorized constant heat sealing machine that provides either continuous automatic or intermittent stop/start cycling with the flip of a switch. In the automatic mode, up to 30 packages per minute can be sealed. In the intermittent mode, the machine can be controlled by foot-pedal...

  • heat sealers, plastic bag sealer machine bulk wholesale near ...

    Heat Sealers, Plastic Bag Sealer Machine Bulk Wholesale near ...

    Thermal impulse heat sealers, air pillow machines and films, direct heat sealers, portable bag sealers, bag tape dispensers, double impulse heat sealers, vacuum bag sealers, paper and vinyl twist ties, nylon plastic ties, self-locking ties, tray formers, shrink wrapping systems, heat tunnels, tray sealers...

  • sealers - impak corporation

    Sealers - IMPAK Corporation

    Choose from vacuum sealers, continuous band sealers, chamber vacuum sealers, portable handheld sealers, large frame circular sealers, tube sealers, cup sealers, and more. Select models come with a nitrogen flush option. Tabletop, clean room options available as well as free-standing machines with seal lengths up to 240”.

  • makmar hand and foot operated sealing machines

    Makmar Hand And Foot Operated Sealing Machines

    From light to heavy use, we stock a wide range of quality manufactured hand and foot operated heat sealing machines and are a distributor and supplier of the Mercier heat sealer brand. Mercier Corporation is the leading manufacturer, developer and supplier of quality plastic bag and film heat sealing equipment worldwide.

  • heat sealer | heat sealing suppliers | heat sealing machine ...

    Heat Sealer | Heat Sealing Suppliers | Heat Sealing Machine ...

    A heat sealer machine is generally used to seal packaging by applying heat and pressure to the thermoplastic. This will weld thermoplastic together, leaving the package tightly sealed. We supply the best heat sealing machines South Africa has to offer at the most affordable rates. Heat sealing machines technology can be used for a variety of ...

  • heat sealers and packaging equipment - packsealer

    Heat Sealers and Packaging Equipment - PackSealer

    Many of the Audion and Lavezzini machines and spares are shipped directly from outside of the UK so additional import charges may apply. PackSealer offer a comprehensive range of Hand Operated Plastic Bag Heat Sealers, Foot Pedal Operated Heat Sealers and Vacuum Sealer equipment to meet pretty much any application.

  • heat sealer | impulse heat sealers | heat sealing machine - venus

    Heat Sealer | Impulse Heat Sealers | Heat Sealing Machine - Venus

    Find the best quality heat sealers and impulse sealers from Venus Packaging. We provide a wide variety of heat sealers & bag sealers at unbeatable prices.

  • max enterprises - leader in packaging machinery and packaging ...

    Max Enterprises - Leader in Packaging Machinery and Packaging ...

    Max Enterprises is an industry leader in Packaging Machinery and Packaging Materials in Sri Lanka representing various world renowed manufacturers.